Netizens Raise Concerns Over Types of Motorcycles Used in Robberies


'Ukiona Hii Hepa' Netizens React After Spotting a Piece of Cloth on This Motorbike

Cases of theft, robbery and violence have always been the talk of the day within major towns, Nairobi being among the major hotspot as it emerges to be badly invaded by thugs who attack Kenyans any time of the day and snatch phones and other valuables from unsuspecting people.

Netizens have reacted after spotting this motorbike in Kileleshwa with a piece of cloth hanging from the back.

In a post shared on Nairobi's crime-free society, this is believed to one of the techniques phone snatchers use to conceal their number plates. Some go to the extent of using fake number plates so they are not caught.

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