New COVID-19 Symptom Trends Worry Doctors as a Possibility of a New Strain is in Discussion


Corona Virus has been ravaging throughout the world since it broke out in Wuhan, China in 2019. Today Kenya reported a total of 337 Cases in the last 24 hours which is seen as a spike from previous trends.

Of note is that symptoms elicited by patients right now continue to perplex health professionals as they discuss whether there is a possibility of a new strain of the virus. The old strain had basic symptoms like high Fever, cough, Body weakness, headache among others while right now covid-19 patients are presenting with Diarrhea, paleness of fingers and toes, Chest aches and pains, skin rashes and vomiting as the basic symptoms. This trend continue to worry healthcare workers even as the COVID-19 vaccine has arrived in the country and nation wide Healthcare worker's vaccination has been rolled out.

If in case there is a new strain, doctors will be worried if the current vaccine will be effective against it and the level of mutation of the virus will be a headache to doctors worldwide.

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