Massive reaction after a man house got burnt because of "Dumsor"

Ghanaians has explained bitterly over the current power outage across the country. Some part of the country has got their time table because of the power crisis and other part are also yearning for the their timetable to schedule their life proper.

Since, we have experienced this dumsor in some years back, and as citizens actually know some possible implications of this situation. Firstly, can lead to lay-off workers, fire outbreak, etc.

Unfortunately, a Facebook user identified as Joseph Yamin have broken silence about how his house got burnt because of this power intermittent experiencing right now.

He took to social media shown off his bed room mattress, wardrobe and other gadgets that got burnt. According to him, this incident happened around 5am when the light kept coming on and off with low and high voltage.

The current power outage has caused damage to someone properties and is also a threat to our lives. So lets come together and know how best we can combat this canker.

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