Woman Claiming to Have Been Impregnated by Ringtone before Neglecting Her Seeks Help


Alex Apoko commonly known as Ringtone Apoko is Kenya’s number one certified attention seeker in the name of Gospel music artistry. He is a Kenyan gospel artist, an entrepreneur as well as online clout-chaser. Ringtone Apoko is among the wealthiest artists in Kenya at the moment. A woman has come claiming that Ringtone Apoko.The woman in her Instagram account wrote saying" hey guys..nlikuwa natafuta job then I met Ringtone Apoko. He promised kunipea job tukakutana kwa hoteli na bahati mbaya tukalala pamoja. I missed my periods so inabidi niende pregnancy test na nikapata Niko na mimba.. hashiki simu zangu yangu ajue niko na ball yake please help"

The woman gave some screenshots to even prove it and screenshot from WhatsApp.Ringtone has since not responded to the allegations ;The artist has always proven shelf to be so holy and we can randomly guess that he would be into denial because has always tried to keep his name so clean.

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