Aisha Jumwa Issues Fresh Demands On Ksh 19M Graft Case, Urgues The Court To Start A Fresh

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Following the submission by Hon Aisha Jumwa on Friday, 3rd at the court, she has urged the court start the entire process a fresh as she claims that the magistrate who was presiding over her graft case was transferred.

As she was explaining the matter, Jumwa argued that since the magistrate that was presiding over case is no longer in office, therefore, the whole process has to be started a fresh.

It was revealed that the idea of starting a fresh will create more chance for the witnesses who are behind her case and therefore, it would be the best option.

As reported by the source, Aisha Jumwa is implicated in Ksh19 million fraud case where she is accused of taking part in unlawful transactions in the Malindi National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF).

Aisha Jumwa was accused together with other officials from Malindi. According to the court documents, the offense is said to have been committed between May 14 and October 12, 2018, in Malindi.

According to the source, the Malindi Governor Aisha Jumwa was since charged with conflict of interest, acquisition of proceeds of crime and money laundering. In the previous hearing, Jumwa and the co-accused denied the charges

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