'Mimi Sijai Ona Morrocan Scrub Kama Hii.' Milly Reveals As She Is Steamed Inside A Bag

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Milly Wajesus is one of the popular Influencers online. Milly does Content Creation as part of her job. Milly is also an entrepreneur and a CEO of her own Fashion Line Shops Bantu Collection and Boss Man Collection. Milly runs the businesses alongside her husband Kabi.

Milly also earns by being a top brand Influencer. Milly gets paid for creating content for companies she works for by marketing their products and services.

Today Milly has decided to treat herself with a nice massage and scrub. Milly Revealed she needed this as part of her skin care routine. However Milly's skin treatment was done different this time round and she was placed inside a bag for steaming. Milly was shocked since she has never experienced such in her life. See Screenshots of Milly's Instagram Stories and the scrub and massage that followed later.

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