Check out the pictures of Meiki Maputla from Skeem Sam in real life

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Harriet Manamela is a South African well-known actress who has been in the acting industry for many many years.

It has been now 10 years since she joined sabc1 well-known local drama series Skeem Sam.

Time really flies one can't find it hard to believe that it has now been 10 years since the sabc1 drama series was established.

They say it is very necessary to give credit where it is due, well Harriet is one of those actresses who deserve some credit and more recognition and the acting industry.

Before joining sabc1 local drama series Skeem Sam she was not popular, however since she made her debut in the sabc1 local drama series she has gained more fame and recognition.

Now it is just her against the world she has managed to spread her wings in the industry.

She is not one of those famous actresses who are very active on social media however we managed to get some of her pictures. Check them out below:

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