Winnie Odinga Exposes Challenges as a They Are Going Through In Campaign for Raila Presidency

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As more information about her father's statehouse campaign becomes available, Raila Odinga, the daughter of Azimio Odinga, a presidential candidate, has described the suffering her family is through.

In an interview, Winnie stated that they are now having a lot of troubles as a family and that they are withholding part of their resources while they continue to push for their father to be elected President of the Republic. as a unit to concentrate on his father's political causes.

Winnie explained that she and her father, Raila Odinga, used to spend most of their Sunday meals together as a family and attending church together, but her Presidential campaigns robbed them of everything they enjoyed together.

The daughter of the former Prime Minister said they spent most of their time in campaigns.

"Being Raila's daughter is not a special thing as I am just another member of the community. Now our family does not have a Sunday lunch or go to church together but instead, we go and campaign," said Winnie Odinga.

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