'Celebrity Crushie' Netizens Flatter Azziad Nasenya's Recent Photo On Instagram

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Meet the tikok queen, Azziad Nasenya. She is not only a stunning and gorgeous lady as she is also a radio presenter, influencer, celebrity, media personality, model but also a brand ambassador. Azziad rose to fame during the corona period after she did the 'utawezana' challenge on her tiktok account. Since then she has been growing to the ranks of fame and success as she has signed a variety of deals as right now she has a paid partnership with Bic company.

Azziad took to her instagram account photos of herself in a black leather skirt with a cream top together with a pair of wedged shoes as she looked stunning as always. Regardless of her having so many clapbacks with her fans due to her make up confidence related issues, her fans still love and adore her as they went to her instagram account to appreciate her as many referred to her as their crushie

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