Hon. Asenso-Boakye must be commended for taking good decision concerning Kumasi Floods [Details]


Not along ago, Kumasi experienced a severe disaster following hours of torrential rain. The city then became flooded, restraining vehicles to commute on roads. These occurences have led to the death of about seven people. They were drowned by the flood and carried away to their fate.

In Kejetia and Central market, traders lost a lot of valuables as a result of the same flood. Many people linked the incident to bad leadership because Kumasi has never experienced such before. After the rain, citizens called on leaders to act swiftly about the incident to prevent another potential havoc.

One cause of the flood is that, many people have built in waterlogged areas which is preventing free flow of water after rainfall. The works an housing minister, Hon. Francis Asenso Boakye has toured various places where the exact incidents occurred. Speaking to the media, he emphatically said that, most people are building in waterlogged areas but natives are afraid to say it.

He again said, it is those acts that are preventing the flow of water and thereby commanded that, all houses and structures that are situated or built in waterlogged areas must be demolished. He said with boldness that, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies must see to it that, those structures are pulled down with immediate effect. He said if care is not taken and we sit down idle, the flood will one day sweep everybody away which is very bad. Honourable Asenso-Boakye has done well and must be commended.

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