People of Ghana list Names of Businesses An Individual Can Start With GH¢200 As A Start-up Capital.

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Mother Ghana’s economy is quite not at its best form. There have been several demonstrations in the country concerning the high unemployment rate in the country.

Both the private and public sectors of the economy do employ only few number of persons each year. However, a lot of people fail to realize various opportunities out there to be employers or entrepreneurs themselves leading to big businesses. An individual having just GH¢200, the fellow can become an entrepreneur. Most people want to become real big business men and women immediately they start a business. But they fail to realize that, it all have to start somewhere small and be growing as time goes on. This means, they will not depend solely on the government for employment. Most persons have shared their ideas on the kind of businesses they can use GH¢200 for.

Here are some of the ideas some concerned people stated. Please don't laugh much. This is very serious.

It is noted that, some people are really serious in starting a mobile money transfer service business. This business is quite giving monies to people as they become entrepreneurs themselves.

It is also noted that some people also wants to sell fruits, eggs and other items at the market grounds. Some also want to also engage online business such as betting which is is very risky though.

An individual can get himself or herself employed from any of the opportunities listed above and start something today. Starting every business has an amount of risk but it can be conquered when one follows the right procedures for successful businesses.

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