3 Spiritual Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola That You Didn't Know.


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Today's article deals with the spiritual benefits of bitter kola. Garcinia Kola, often called "Bitter Kola", is a flowering plant found mostly in the tropical rain forest of Central and West Africa. This plant is consumed by many thanks to its medicinal properties.

3 spiritual Benefits Of Bitter Kola

1. Prolonged life: The nuts are generally believed to prolong life. Interestingly, scientific evidence supports this claim. Due to its ability to lengthen life, it's eaten mostly by the elderly. In Nigeria, for example, kola is chewed by almost all the old ones. They use it to serve guests and widely used during marriage ceremonies.

2. Spiritually linked infertility: Infertility is a global issue that affects both men and women. In many communities in Africa, infertility is believed to be a spiritual problem. For example, any marriage without biological children is reckoned to be having a "spiritual problem" or under a curse. The kola has been proven to solve such problems. However, scientists have different view concerning the nuts in remedying this disorder. A new study reports that "bitter kola" can increase testosterone levels which can have a beneficial effect on male fertility.

3. Remedy for poisoning: Without a doubt, poisoning is a common practice in Africa and especially West Africa. This small plant has been used as an antidote for cases of poisons. For instance, when food suspected to be contaminated by bacteria is consumed, the "kola" is chewed to prevent the development of any infection or poisoning.

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