BBN star, Dorathy replies troll who told her to stop claiming that she is 26 years old

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Popular Big brother naija star, Dorathy Bachor recently replied a troll who told her to stop claiming that she is 26 years old.

Dorathy revealed that she doesn't know what she wants for her 26th birthday as she is finding it difficult to choose just one thing for birthday because she wants it all. Though she did not reveal the items she talked about.

Moments after stating this, a social media user replied to her statement and bluntly told Dorathy to stop claiming that she is 26 years of age. The user by the name Ginika went further to state that Dorathy allegedly claimed that she was 26 years old during last year's Bbnaija lockdown edition and is also claiming 26 years of age this year.

The troll's statement prompted Dorathy to make a reply in which she stated that trolls can only make such statements in the comment section but can't say such to her in person. "These trolls only have balls in the comment sections. See me outside and talk to me".

In recent times, many celebrities have come under criticisms with harsh comments made by some social media users who have been termed as trolls looking for attention or short time fame.

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