Stop wasting money on medicine; Mix Onion, Garlic and Ginger to cure 3 common diseases in one week

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Ginger, onion and garlic is perhaps the most notable mix of plants used for helpful purposes. Their pervasiveness created on account of their solidarity. They can be used to recharge the body, support safe system, life, power and for the most part prosperity.

If you focus taking drugs of some outdated practices like the Chinese, you will see that they have reliably used onion, garlic and ginger. These 3 strong food sources can be eaten rough or changed over to normal prescription which does some stunning things for the human body. Permit us to talk fairly about these 3 things.


The garlic is stacked with enhancements and retouching powers that make it sensible for treating flu, cold, etc It is antifungal, threatening to parasitic, hostile to disease, antiviral, anticoagulant and it is incredibly important in supporting suitable blood spread. It has been used for treatment for heaps of years. You can apply it in your food, when blending tomatoes for sauce or warming up your meat, you can moreover go along with it with garlic and ginger to shape a local treatment.


Onion is an inconceivable vegetable and consuming it step by step can help with hindering piece of disorders like threat and stomach related issues. You can cut them in your food, sauce, you can use the juice additionally, make an effort not to refrigerate onion.


Ginger is an authoritative as it helps with treating flu, chest obstruct, heartburn, fever, cerebral torments, cramps, whines, jumble etc.How would we have the option to unite these things to treat explicit disorders?

1. Hack Syrup: strip and blend ginger and garlic, add lemon crush to it and blend until it is smooth. You can moreover use ginger syrup and add to bubbling water.

2. Sore Throat: lemon juice, water, garlic, cayenne pepper and nectar to taste directly following blending.

3. Influenza: ginger juice, lemon juice and model coke joined as one.

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