3 Things To Know About Jainism, An Ancient Indian Religion

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India is regarded as one of the most populous countries with a lot of religious beliefs and practices. It's important to know that some of the oldest practiced religions in the world (Hinduism, Buddhism and other religions) originated from India.

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However, this article will be discussing about a religion in India known as Jainism. It's a religion where worshippers are encouraged to pursue personal and spiritual perfection through non-violence and asceticism.

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Nevertheless, Here are 3 things to know about Jainism. 

1) Jainism also known as Jain Dharma believe that bad karma is caused by harming living things and to avoid this they must practice "ahimsa" which a strict code of non-violence. The jainist believes that all living things (Including Animals/plants) and non-living things (air and water) have souls like human beings.

2) There are two main sects in Jainism; the "Digambara" which means the sky clad, and the "Svetambara" or the white clad. Both have the same basic teachings and principles of Jainism, but differ in beliefs regarding the life of Mahavira, spiritual roles and status of women and monks.

3) Jains are strict vegetarians, so strict up to the extent that eating root vegetables are not allowed because removing the root will kill the plant. They are allowed to eat vegetables which grow above the ground because they can be picked while leaving the rest of the plants intact. Also, jain monks are prohibited from swatting at mosquitoes and also sweeping a path on the floor to prevent them from killing ants. In addition, they show sexual restraint and do not get attached to worldly things.

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