CONGRATULATIONS. Rihanna gives birth to a baby boy

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After a long time, Rihanna's relationship had been unknown and many people especially her followers had been in deep dark.

The long waited light had been shade after singer Rihanna and his lover A$AP Rocky reveal that they had been waiting and expecting anxiously for a baby.

Many thoughts have been on the air concerning the type of the child they will give birth to but this has been shown clearly when these stars were seen in Los Angeles in a manner suggesting that Rihanna had got a baby.

It was a great praise and many people had felt more pleasured for the mention from sources that Rihanna had been blessed with a baby Boy.

Now the whole music industry is excited because another star will be raised and become one of the best in the world

In many interviews that Rihanna attended, she explained that she was greatful and thankful to the most high for such a blessing and that she don't take it for granted

We wish Rihanna and his lover A$AP Rocky and happy marriage free from chaos and my they be happy

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