The Late Ivan Don, must be smiling from Heaven! See how big their son with Zari has grown

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The Late Ivan was one of the richest tycoons from Uganda who used to do a lot of charity work. He was the first man to marry Zari and they sired three kids. Their first born son is called Pinto who has really grown to be a big man. The second born is called Raphael and the third born is called Lilq.

However Zari and Ivan seemed not to get along and Zari separated from Ivan and divorced him.

Zari later got engaged and got married to one of the top Bongo artist in Tanzania called Diamond Platinum and they sired two kids together.

However Zari still separated from Diamond after videos surfaced online of Diamond Platinum cheating on Zari and Zari decided to call it quits. Diamond cheated on Zari with a top Tanzania's Model called Hamisa whom they sired one child together called Dylan.

Zari moved to Pretoria, South Africa where she has been taking good care of all her kids.

Her eldest son called Pinto has really grown to be a big man who has never been into any public scandal. Zari seems to be a good disciplinary mother who has installed good morals to her children. If Ivan would be alive he would really love to see how big and disciplined his son has become. See photos below.

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