Brighten Your Mood By Viewing These 18 Funny Pictures and Memes


In a totally depressed country laughter is the savior from insanity. Nigerians are fond of cheering themselves up from the troubles that is ravaging the security of the country. 

Many people focus too much on work and forget to smile each day which is unhealthy and can lead to depression. No matter the obstacles you face each day just make sure to surpress them with laughter of Joy and who better to bring laughter to your door step other than this handle.

Stay tuned as I'll be sharing so funny pics and memes to keep you smiling all day.

These are hoodlum dogs

Norbi juju be that?

Typical Nigerian movies

Oya all the virgins come and apply o

All the motivational speakers should come and hear this

Please where can I get this underwear?

Which is your State?

This was how our fore fathers used to play jangoliva

They all wanted to get the show but I stole it in my mummy womb

I have not oo, have you?

And so shall it be in Jesus name amen!

You get the point right?

No joy for the chicken

This is how Igbo men ask you out

Never to be caught unfreshed

This is sucide now

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