Man Wanted To Do DNA Tests On His 4 Kids, Explains Why He Gave Up And Claims His Kids By Faith


Genetic experiments are conducted on a specimen of hair, blood, skin, the fluid that surrounds a fetus during pregnancy or salivary glands.

The specimen is brought to a laboratory where medical scientists look for particular modifications in chromosomes, proteins, or DNA.

A married man who liked to discover the DNA tests for four of his children suddenly changed his mind and preferred to rather claim his children with faith."

The married man named Chidi Okafor announced he became disturbed when the topic of paternity tests became popular on Facebook. He then determined to get his children tested when his spouse was not around. 

Nevertheless, he abandoned the quest when he was told how much it will cost. Conveying his tale on Facebook, he said:

Ever since the issue of the DNA test was raised on social media, I became very nervous. Just yesterday morning shortly after my spouse left to work, I instantly assemble my 4 children, drove them to a public hospital very far from my residence for a DNA test. 

After browsing all the comments and the expression of people about this DNA issue, I was thinking it was going to cost me nothing much, Not until they told me the cost for each of my children, I calmly took my children back to the vehicle and I claim them by Faith.