Unexpected || A Lady Did Something At A Petrol Garage And Left People In Tears As They Spotted This

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Date : 30 November 2021

Today we get to talk more about the woman who has caused a stir on social media platforms. A lady by the name of Jolelihle left people in tears yesterday after she uploaded a picture on Twitter paying for her petrol at a petrol station.She posted a picture of her bank card with a R20.00 note next to it and captioned " This is how I pay for my fuel. Petrol attendants deserve to be appreciated ". This means that everytime when when she goes to a petrol station she makes sure that she takes an extra amount to reward for petrol attendants for their hard work .

Jolelihle believes that petrol attendants should be appreciated for the hard work that they do by giving them tips. Such is rare in our lives more especially at petrol stations. We have heard stories of people who get to be appreciated by customers by giving them extra money but it is really rare at petrol station. We often see such at restaurants but Jolelihle proved the masses wrong. She urged the masses to appreciate petrol attendants at all times because they truly work hard to ensure that we are fulfilled with the service.

Many people commented on her post revealing how thankful they are that she is so thoughtful for others and calm hearted . She is truly a caring person. This is truly motivational and inspiring to both car drivers and petrol drivers. She really left people in tears after she did this because it is rare to find such at petrol stations. Maybe this will also convince others to appreciate them for their hard work and help where they can. What is your take on this matter?

Source :https://twitter.com/Usiviwe_wo_Jola/status/1465197527653916676?s=19

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