No Girlfriend No Worries: 4 Best Things About Not Having A Girlfriend

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Below are the best things about not having a girlfriend.

1. You can live life on your own terms. Who's going to complain? You will get more time to study/read/watch movies/play video games. You need not list "call her up" as a mandatory task to complete before going to bed - which can be specially harrowing if you've had a long, tiring day.

2. When your mood is exceptionally foul and all you feel like doing is hurling the nearest object off its resting place, you don't have to pretend to be calm, composed and happy when she calls - just to restrict the urge to shout at her and risk hurting her feelings.You can have the whole plate of chicken wings for yourself! ( no sharing of food, ever.)

3. You will never be 'forced' into going for shopping with her, just so she can choose whether she wants the pink sweater or the fuchsia one! Without a pillion rider going everywhere with you, need I say just how much money you have save on petrol for your bike?No need to worry about what you need to gift her on special occasions like Valentines' Day, birthdays, etc.

4. You can always go out with friends and check out all beautiful girls passing by (check out here is used to mean check out with respect, and not leer at) without fearing that one of them might turn out to be the roommate of your girl!

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