Man Acquires The Property Of A Church And Sends The Church Packing


It has been reported that, a particular man whose name is undisclosed as at the time of the report had bought the church property of a given church and sent the church packing from the residence because of what the said church did.

In time past, there has been reports of misunderstandings between churches and some private individuals who reside in the environment where the churches are situated. Churches in the developed worlds and churches in Africa are quite different in operation and in location. For instance, in the western worlds, churches are not sited close to where people live but in an isolated places, unlike here in Africa where churches share boundary with private individuals.

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More so, in the Western worlds, worshipers seldom shout during worship sections but here, there is always loud shout and noise from the congregation during church programmes or activities.

Meanwhile, according to a report filed by a news page, "Instablog9ja" (a Nigerian news page on Facebook) with the caption, "After several efforts to make them reduce their noise, man acquires church's property, sends them parking", a particular man chased a church from their last location because of excess noise.

In the details of the screenshot attached to the post, the man who made the original post narrated how the church was practically tormenting the residents of the church with their noise and prayers. He also stated that, the residents have earlier warned the church about their noise but they wouldn't listen.

Consequently, the man who live at the other side of the fence of the church took the decision of buying the property which the church was using from the real owner of the property, because the property were not for the church.

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Check the screenshot below for the original copy of the post:

"There used to be a church located somewhere across my street that torment residents with noise/prayers. The man living on the other side of their fence bought their property last month and evicted them. This was after several efforts to get them to reduce their noise. God is good.

The property doesn't originally belong to the church. They rented it from some other person. So the man bought the property from the original owner and evicted the tenant. Was wondering why everywhere was quiet today. Apparently the eviction notice has expired and they'd packed out. 

They can take the gospel of Jesus Christ to Nyanya and Mararaba where it is really needed. Now Sundays can be totally peaceful over here."

The post didn't go unnoticed. See how some people reacted to the post below:

What do you think about what was done to the church? Have you ever had an ugly experience in the past in the process of sharing a boundary or staying close to a church centre? Share your experience with us in the comment box.