A guy shared that Every household got this type of Demon, See how you can deal with it.

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Every human being got their habits they can not run away from, whether they are good or bad they are always there on strike it's part of human nature, yes others do try to quit them but it's a difficult journey.

A Twitter user who goes by the name of Shaka takes it to his account by making people laugh after he shared a photo of a young guy who was drinking Coke from the bottle instead of pouring it into a glass.

Based on the picture Shaka captioned his post by saying "Every house has this demon." Meaning many families out there has this type of person who drinks coke or any type of liquid from the bottle.

How annoying it is for a grown-up to drink from a bottle that is meant to be shared by everyone in the house, it is really a bad habit cause if this person got flu he will infect everyone who will drink that coke.

I think it's best for families to buy small items of liquid so everyone can have their own bottle.

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