Say This Short Prayer Every Morning And You Shall Witness God's Blessings

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People are always connected to God through prayers. Prayer is one way of the most common ways of communicating to our creator. Through prayers, several things such as sins are forgiven, problems solved. In addition to that, people that offer prayers to the Almighty God receive blessings, and most of the things that they are requesting are answered. Different types of prayers are offered during different times of the day. Apart from that, they are also prayed during different occasions such as marriage ceremonies, death ceremonies, and also during meal times.

In this piece am going to share with you a prayer that should be offered every day in the morning. You shall witness God's manifestation in your life if you keep saying this prayer each day.

"Our father who art in heaven, I could like to take this golden opportunity to thank you for the gift of life that you have accorded me despite being a sinner, Thank you so much for the wonderful sounds of nature, from the cool breeze brushing through the trees to the birds singing melodies. Almighty God always reminds me to thank you every morning and desire to meet with you and to hear you speak words of affirmation, assurance, and wisdom over my heart as I prepare to undertake my daily routines.

Lord, please give me the patience and wisdom to wait for your leading before taking any action because Your ways and plans are always the best things for my life and help me not to run ahead of myself and learn to always follow your instructions at all times.


As a Christian, you should learn how to pray for different things on different occasions. In addition to that, you should always put God first in everything you do. Thanks for taking your time to go through this piece.

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