How To Differentiate Between Original And Fake phones.


It is the desire for everyone to always acquire an original item when he opts to buy one. This is quite difficult because many sellers mostly electronic sellers stock both original and counterfeit products which are quite hard to differentiate.

However, in this article I am going to briefly share with you simple techniques that can help you to know the difference between original and counterfeit electronic products especially smartphones.

First of all visit online smartphone selling sites like Jumia and check the price tag for your dream phone so that you can have a rough estimate of the price at the market. As the English men say cheap is expensive. Most Counterfeit products prices are usually set relatively lower than those of original products inorder to attract many customers.

To begin with Samsung smartphones, the first thing you should do as a customer is to dial *#0*# on the phone you wish to purchase. This helps in checking whether all components of the Samsung phone are functioning well such as camera, sensor and LCD test. After dialing this code, if the phone is original it will display several details as shown below written in English. However, if it's fake it will display details written in Chinese language.

For the case of an android phone, dial *#06#. This code will help you get the phones IMEI number.

You can also get it by visiting the settings icon then click the "About Device" option and proceed to "Status" option.

After getting the phones IMEI number, you can visit the, and copy the IMEI number on the dialog box and then click on Check.

Information about the phone will be displayed on the screen and if it indicates something different from the one in the manual then it is likely to be a fake brand


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