Thembisile The HIV Activist Is Left Heart broken, Boyfriend Has Sugar Mama

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Thembisile who is a twitter Influencer and an HIV activist was heads over hills inlove a while ago with her 26 year old boyfriend who is also proudly an HIV activist, they were always couple goals.

She met her Boyfriend on twitter, she publicly let everyone know about it on twitter and it also ended on twitter. Thembi is now being called a bitter ex but what we all know is that a girl is heartboken, she found out that her boyfriend whom she out loudly loved is having an affair with a woman who keeps on sending him money all because Thembi is broke.

This has tought so many that most people's love for you can be based on material things like having money, there are also men who can't date a woman who is always broke.

Guys Thembi doesn't hide anything, ya'll know everything about her. Why act like you dont knw that this is her healing process? Thembi you're angry and rightfully so.

Don't get me wrong I will move on. I just need to deal with thisy way and it has always worked for me.

Do what's working for you in order to heal. I used to insult my ex everyday and he would block me in all social media platforms and I would get a new sim card just to send that hurt message And eventually I healed. We not the same, do what's working for you.

We really are not the same. I prefere blocking and avoiding everything that has to do with him. When i feel frustrated i just write it down as if im writing to him or record.

Being a crowd pleaser works for you? Feeding strangers intimate information that will be used against you in a few hours from now by the same crowd? You all really think like 6 year olds but wake up to tweet "protect your peace, keep them guessing"

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