Rare Thing Dp Ruto’s Family has That Many Families Cannot Afford


After a Church service at the Karen Chapel in his main residence, Deputy President William Ruto has been praised. Luckily. 

DP Ruto and his wife, Rachel Ruto, and their children reveals their photos online that during church prayer service. 

Blogger Dikembe Disembe praised DP Ruto for saying because he has one thing numerous families don't have in the country. 

Despite his wealth, DP Ruto can always have a family over one room and pray as a family. 

Disembe said that the majority of families in the country cannot meet their adult children, let alone pray. 

"DP and Ms Ruto may still have the children of their adults to pray. Hands folded are a goal for the parent. Many families are barely able to meet in Kenya. The photo is sad and humble. Blowjob because it's true. Sadly because this 'reunion' can be afforded by very few families. Thank God, if you can!," Disembe said.

Some people said it was Ruto's political step, while others commended him and his family after Disembe's tweet. 

"It is difficult to leave the nest for kids of rich parents to chart ones own course. Whatever you want, home is the healthiest for them, even if they are adults," Masish said. 

"True, but this family has a good deal of cinema... everything in their living room they could do... This illustrates those pastors who spoke to a handful of congregators in public," Raphael Kioko said.

"They're like...maliza hii kitu bana, those children. The family is there to do what you do... media affairs for them,' Gao Gilbert. 

Frankie Chitechi said, "The fact that the media has gotten a picture reduces them to mere PR. 

"Very true, the majority of parents are now dying from their children due to stress. Although their parents were religious leaders, they are mostly drunkards," said AAlfonsoNgetich.

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