'He Shot At Me For Rejecting His Advances' Phanice Chemutai Speaks Out Concerning Her Incident


Phanice Chemutai Juma is a 20 year old lady, who was apparently shot on the left side of the lower abdomen, by a licensed gun holder by the name, Ken Muyundo on suspicion and being mistaken for the wanted rogue cop Christine Kangogo.

Miss Chemutai has opened up about what transpired on the night before she was shot, she's said that she's apparently in Kitale town to, run an errand of collecting a birth certificate for her sibling at Huduma Centre.

Unfortunately, by the time she was done doing her errands, it's already late to travel back home thus she opted to check herself in an hotel. She said it's at the parking longue is where she met Ken Muyundo who was in a Toyota Prado.

Mr Muyundo introduced himself and requested to know her more but, she declined his advances due to being held up. She says grew weary of thoughts and got scared for the guy kept staring at her.

She would later come back to the thuy accompanied by the hotel attendant, but Mr Ken is said to have given the attendant ksh1000,wielded his firearm, then shot at miss Chemutai, inflicting gun wounds on her lower abdomen.

She's currently recuperating at Kitale County Referral Hospital.

Meanwhile, senior criminal lawyer, the flamboyant Cliff Ombeta has urged the DCI to give Miss Kangogo time so that she can surrender to them. He's said unless she's given time to explain her part of the story, then their frantic efforts may turn futile.

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