SA says the reason for petrol price surge by R3.50 a litre in June Cyril need to pay for R22 flag

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Petrol prices may surge by more than R3.50 a liter in the first week of June, with Gwede Mantashe, Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, saying that the general fuel levy cut will fall away at the end of May. 3.50c per litre won’t affect him & his cronies/colleagues (ministers and parliamentarians). They get Free cars, petrol cards, flights, free housing etc. They live a soft lifestyle, paid for by the sweat and hard-work of taxpayers whom they don’t give a damn about. 350c sir and you're definitely correct. They don't relate to any of the problems facing ordinary South Africans daily, A one-day Grinding Halt closing off all major highways & all major routes including airports & ports of entry in protest against this self-serving heartless Government will solve all this problem. These politicians think we are kids, and they are the parentsl who must do for us. We have allowed them to run amok and now they have become brazen because they know no one will take them to task.

You are correct we Don't Have to Wait For Elections to Be Heard, I like your thinking. But come to think of this. This R3.50 is way bigger than R22M over time. If 350k cars fill a litre a day over 31 days, it will be almost R40M (R37 375 000 M to be exact). Let's see @CyrilRamaphosa stopping him as he did to Nathi. He can't only be celebrated for stopping a stupid R22m flag that wasn't even going to make any different in our lives with or without it. Let's see him doing his things. What does he know about anything? A real minister that cares for his fellow country people would have extended the fuel levy cut for the rest of the year. And cut 50% of all the taxes on fuel. Get people working again. 


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