To Form One Parents; New School Fees Guidelines To Be Gazetted, Says Prof Magoha


Education Cabinet Secretary Prof Magoha has described the claims by parents that the directive of setting fee by Principals from private schools and public schools as a farfetched. He further defended the reduced schools fees saying operations at public high schools wont be paralyzed since the state government has allocated money for free secondary education.

Only parents will have to pay for administration fee, that lunch programs, caution fee and in day schools. In boarding schools, we have boarding fee, food programs, caution fee, technological fee, etc.

While making this announcement, Education Cabinet Secretary Prof Magoha said the gazette notice will also be issued soon showing the exact amount parents are expected to pay for public secondary schools to stop heads of schools from exploiting parents. For private schools, they will find a way to approach them. Many public high schools Principals have been accused of charging very high fees despite the government insisting that they have not been approved.

Outcry by parents over decision by Government to let Principals have a say in structuring fee structures. Headteachers take advantage by introducing ammount worth 5000 as development fee which is not included in government fee directive. One parent claimed that fees should be increased after consultations between the board of governors and parents teachers associations, and not only headteachers and board decisions. The decision does not squarely fall under the docket of the headteachers.

Education experts have also accused headteachers, especially those running national schools and extra County schools, of arbitrary increasing fees thus locking out poor students from the elite institutions.


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