Truth about Toyota Probox and Toyota Succeed.

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This model was produced by The largely known Company known as TOYOTA.

In most countries its used for taxi.

Probox is cheap and easy to maintain.

It has different prices depending the year of manufacture.

A well serviced probox consumes at least 1.6 litres in a distance of 18 kms.

Its a reliable utility vehicle as it can load upto 400kg of weight.

The main difference between a probox and succeed is that a succeed has a larger body than the probox.


If not keen enough, from a distance it looks like a probox. It was also manufactured in Japan.

The functionalities are alike that of probox except for those who want to balance between family and business needs we recommend it.

Do you know that a Succeed has reverse lights and probox doesn't have?

Do you know that an automatic one has 4gear speed transmission while a manual one has 5?

In kenya here we recommend such vehicles because it meets most of our needs. However it does not limit us to buy more vehicles. I prefer this because its for the people with less income.

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