The story of the sinking city

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Despite keeping it's absolutely magnificent appearance, it has many challenges to face including some newer ones. Venice is a city in Italy has been one of the most powerful centres of Europe for the past 100 years. The city of Venice also known as the "queen of the Adriatic", "the floating city" and so on was said to be built on 118 islands on the Venetian lagoon.

The salty water from the sea usually corrode the bricks which need continuous maintenance. In Venice to raise any building the first phase of the contraction has been to create a dry area for the foundation. In the old days, they framed the sea with 2 lines of wooden beams, distant about 30 inches gap with mud , this would create a wall all around the lot to allow builder to drain water into the sea. Once dry they planted tree trunks one next to the other deep enough to reach solid ground. Once they levelled the tree heads they would fill any gaps between the tree trunks with stones, rocks and other materials mixed with cement and water. Over the levelled trees they put planks of larch and elm wood. This increase even more resistance of the trunks planted in the mud and cemented to the point that they would keep in great condition for centuries.

Unnatural waves created by boats running in the canals increase the corrosion of wall even with the speed limit set low thus worsening deterioration in the city .

It has been estimated that the city sunk 23 centimetres in one century and up to 1.5 meters since it was founded. In Venice "Aqua Alta which means high water means that the sea level rises more than 80 centimetres and covers part of the city. The Aqua Alta lasts 3-4 hours then the water recedes and everything goes back to Normal.

However if you have a pair of tall rain boot you can still go anywhere and enjoy the city even more peculiar this time.

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