‘Things are hard’- Allotey Jacobs finally reveals and causes massive stir on social media


The former central regional chairman for the national democratic congress, Allotey Jacobs has recently been seen off the media with no one having an idea on his reasons for being silent. However, a message laid bare by him in an interview today reveals that Allotey Jacobs has the country at heart and is not a stomach or a hungry politician. Allotey Jacobs is referred to as a one sided politician because he supports the Npp more and that’s because they’re in power.

This has not been the case of Allotey Jacobs as he reveals that most of his decisions have been decisions to help the country improve and not because he wants anything from anyone. Allotey Jacobs whiles speaking today revealed that things are hard. And after going silent for sometime, him being Ghanaian thinks everyone deserves a better life.

Things are hard and we are all aware, but it takes a visionary leader to give comfort to his people- he stated. Allotey Jacobs revealed that even thought things are hard, he believe Nana Addo will execute his plans as soon as possible to eliminate poverty from the country just as he has been doing.

This and some other statements from him has earned him both praise and insults from the new patriotic party and the national democratic congress respectively on several social media platforms. Kindly comment your thoughts below.

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