Meet Dennis Musyoka aka Mr William Hausa of Maria on Citizen TV ( photos)

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Mr William hausa is the father of luwi, Victor how happens not to be his real son ,venesa and Maria who is adopted . He is husband to Victoria hausa in Maria series that airs between 7:30 pm and 8 pm.

He is a respectable mature, loving, powerful and fair husband, father and employer. He is liked by many because of acting the father figure so beautifully that even other fathers need to emulate him. He love his two daughters equally.

William hausa is a man with alot of secrets in his life which are starting to be revealed and his past is haunting him.He pretends to be a very good Christian,he is well connected to father Ezekiel but in real reality he is a dengerous man who killed Maria's father and took his wealth ,he is also planning to kill Victor to get back what he took from him.

Mr Dennis musyoka has also acted in mashtaka and Selina . Little is known about his real life but he is married and blessed with children.

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