Matching Your Sneakers to Your Outfit

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Sneakers have made a nice shift from track and field favorites to an essential part of a man's wardrobe. Sneakers come in different forms: flat, athletic, high top, basketball, leather, and canvas. Knowing which sneakers go with a particular outfit can be hard with so many brands and variations in the market.

If you are particular about your sneakers and will want to shine, keep reading this article.

1. Wear the right trousers

Even with the best sneakers, you can mess up your look with the wrong trousers. Preferably, it is safe to go for trousers that sit comfortably on your sneakers and avoid trousers drooping over your sneakers.

2. Keep it simple

When you are nervous about the right sneakers, it is best to keep them simple. Don't go overboard by wearing chunky sneakers where you can always go with black and simple-looking sneakers. Also, you will want to match your outfit color with your sneakers. For instance, if your T-shirt is green, you may try light green sneakers or just black.

3. Choose the right socks

Insole socks and ankle socks look great with tennis shoes. Colored socks also suit casual events, and a half-length sock can be worn with other types of sneakers.

4. Choose neutral colors 

Since you can't have all the sneakers globally, it is best to pick sneakers with neutral colors, such as black, white, blue, and grey. That way, you will rock any event conveniently.

5. Have a mix of different sneakers

If you are a huge fan of sneakers, you should have at least three types of sneakers. For instance, you can own one high-top, one simple sneaker, tennis shoes, or canvas shoes.

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