Things considered 'deformities' that are actually normal and beautiful features.

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In our part of the world especially, there are some actually pretty regular features that people have that are demonized unfairly. Gap teeth,dimples and people with left handed tendencies only to name a few.


Research has actually indicated dimples are very natural and do not cause any problem whatsoever to the face, so till this day I am extremely surprised when people with dimples are described as somewhat 'deformed'.However as information has been more accessible to people in this age,the stigma has significantly improved and people even get surgical operations for dimples.

Gap teeth is also one of the features that just recently got a makeover due to information and research from health professionals. It is even said that before the 21st century having gap teeth could determine whether you worked certain jobs or not.That is actually unfair,because nobody is born with features that he or she likes,the only way to make adjustments is through surgery or other health approved procedures.

Luckily there is more awareness now,people are more receptive to this and some modeling agencies intentionally scout for models with rare or eye catching features like gap teeth.

Thanks so much for reading and also thank you guys so much for the feedback and the followings, it helps a lot. I will see you in the next one,take care.


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