Opinion: Here Is The Islamic View Of What Happens To Your Body After Death

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When we die our soul departs from our body and the soul goes on a journey that has many stages. The first stage of the journey of this soul and that is when the soul descends into the grave to be reunited with our bodies and when the soul is coming down it witnesses the janazah the funeral and your body is laying there on the ground wrapped up.

The next stage is when your loved ones, your friends who are there at your janazah they will start shoveling dirt. They start picking up dirt with their hands and placing it in the grave throwing it on top of you and you will feel it fall on top of you. The next step is they will do this until you are completely covered up and you will be there in the grave.

After your family makes some duas and they say some nice kind words about you they'll walk away they'll leave you and you will hear their footsteps as the prophet peace and blessings be upon him said that you will hear their footsteps as they walk away.

You will be there alone in the grave by yourself darkness, silence what happens at that point two angels come to you moonkar and nikir and they ask you three questions perhaps the most important questions you will ever be asked and the three most important questions you will ever answer and those questions are:

What is your deen translated as? What is your way of life or your religion? Who is your prophet and who is your lord? The questions may not necessarily be in that order but those are the three questions and if you answer these questions correctly all three of them your stay in the grave will be one of peace you'll have peace you'll have pleasure until the day of judgment when the horn is sounded.

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