Meet The Two Rivers In Nanyuki That Meet But There Water Never Mix.


You may be wondering what can happen in Kenya? Yes, this happens here in Kenya and of late it has been a topic of discussion similar to the Bermuda triangle where water from two oceans never meet.

This is where two rivers meet in Nanyuki, yet they never combine.

Timau is the dark river, whereas River Sirimon is the clear river with grey stones.

For many years, travelers have been drawn to Nanyuki's two rivers. Despite the fact that the two rivers meet, the water from them never mixes.

River Timau, which has brownish water, and River Sirimon, which has crystal clear water, meet at the confluence of these two rivers.

The water in the Timau River is discolored by sand that collects in the river. The Sirimon River is so clear that it is possible to see right through it.

What many people are now wondering and asking themselves is that why are these rivers not mixing?

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Below are some photos that were taken at the beautiful rivers that never mix.