Fuji Artist, Shanko Rasheedi’s Family Is Beautiful, See Lovely Photos of his wife and adorable kids

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The story of the origins of Fuji is not one you’ll come by often, as it came into existence in a rather unusual way. Fuji music was highly disparaged when it was first broadcast, critics as “local music”. Barrister explained that Fuji music is in fact a combination of Apala, Sakara, Juju, Aro, Afro, Gudugudu and Highlife. In addition to being inspired by these different genres, Barrister also mixed in beats from a Yoruba musical instrument called the Sakara drum. Foreign musical instruments used by Juju and Highlife musicians were also incorporated in order to create a unique style of music.

Fuji is a popular Nigerian musical genre. It arose from the improvisational Ajisari/Were music tradition, which is a kind of music performed to wake Muslims before dawn during the Ramadan fasting season. Were/Ajisari music itself was made popular by Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister. Fuji or Fuja are similar yoruba words and they are related in usage.

The young but controversial Fuji musician, Rasheed Atanda, known as Shanko Rasheed.

Shanko, who moved from from his record label (Alphabet Records) to DAM Music where he released his first album, went to location in Lagos, Abeokuta and other areas in Nigeria for the shooting of the video clip. 

He went to London for a tour, after a successful tour of London “United Kingdom”, Shanko Rasheed, storms the US, for another wondrous outing.

See photos of Shanko’s kids:

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