OPINION! Women can do anything for cash


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Recently, Grand P and Eudoxie Yao got here into limelight while collection of their images hit the net informing humans of their romantic dating. Grand P is a rich Guinean musician and his fiancee is a a musical artist.

Their dating has sparked plenty of response on-line due to their bodily statue. Eudoxie Yao seems to be plus sized and Grand P seems to be of little statue. Candid reactions greeted their dating as humans felt it was an imbalance, announcing Grand P is simply too small for his plus-sized fiancée.

Eudoxie but has come to put a criticism approximately her soon to be husband. She claimed that Grand P is dishonest on her.

She stated;

“My Baby, Grand P I’ m now no longer satisfied with you honestly! I need to see you once more. Your infidelities are overpowering. Going on like this, I couldn’t say whether or not I will want to get married anymore!

You stated you adore me, yet all of the time you're visible kissing other women. Frankly, I am very disheartened.”

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