Dramatic Scenes as Suspected Al-shabab Militias Spray Two Vehicles with Bullets, Officers Injured


Sleuths are currently investigating an incident that occurred in Mandera north where suspected alshabab militias sprayed two vehicles with bullets injuring several officers.

According to nation , the area police boss Khamasi Shivongo from Banasi confirmed the sad incident that occurred on Monday 7th June at wee hours of the morning.

the number of fatalities is yet to be established with security personnels currently combing the area trying to flush out these rouge militias

the horrifying incident comes barely two days after Kenyan special forces made a succesful raid at Boni forest neutralising two militias

lately, these militias have been staging surprise attacks on the Kenyan soil where several innocent kenyans have lost their lives.

the kenyan-somalia border has been on the spotlight as these criminals enter and leave the country at their own peril

however, the kenyan defence forces have been working round the clock to ensure that kenyans get adequate security across the country.

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