Single Mother Of 2 Committed Suicide After Posting This Suicide Note On Her Facebook Account

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Livi Jaay was a lovely young mother of two children. Her bio stated that she was an artist. She was a young mother with two lovely children. We also discovered his Facebook account, where she had posted her suicide note before taking this drastic step.

On the 13th of Oct 2021 the mother of two posted the message below:

"Having to do this parenting shit alone has really made me a lot stronger & shows me that I am capable of doing anything but at the same time I wanna breathe, I wanna be able to go to the restroom at least once without little kids following my ass, I want to be able to sleep in because I don't have to get up just cause kids are up, I WANT A BREAK & I'm comfortable enough to say that now & not gaf what no one says because I AM HUMAN".

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Livi's suicide note that she posted on her Facebook account:

"Checking out, I'm sorry but I can't keep battling depression. To the ones that were there, I love y'all. If I do succeed at this please make sure my kids are ok"

Tyneshia Roechelle Henderson is her mother's name. She appears to have been struggling for her professional life in depression for several months. She decided to end her life in order to get out of this depression. Livi's death devastated her entire family, including her two young sons, three-year-old O'Syiah and two-year-old Iverson.

You may also become a single parent as a result of the death of the baby's father. And if you're tired, you can always give the children away; killing yourself is just being selfish, and it is advisable to say never get involved in baby-making relationships if you're not strong enough to handle common mental problems like this one.

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