"You Were Ejected From Majority Office Because You Lack Ideologies" Oburu Odinga Tells Kang'ata


Dr. Oburu Odinga has launched an attack on Senator Irunga Kang'ata alleging that he was rejected from Office because he lacks Ideologies. Dr. Oburu Odinga is in record criticizing all those who are seen as Tangatanga team.

Here is what Dr. Oburu Odinga posted alleging through his Facebook page about why Hon. Irunga Kang'ata was in rejected from Office!

"Kang'ata was ejected from majority office not because of his affiliation with the other side but the fact that he nothing to say. His ideologies are questionable". He sounds like a kindergarten kid.

"When you join a loosing team from a poor government you officially qualify to become empty upstairs".

In my opinion I may not agree with what Dr. Oburu Odinga Said About Senator Irunga Kang'ata because we all know that he was rejected from Office because of the letter he wrote to President Uhuru Kenyatta, because it is believed that he has joined the Tangatanga brigade.

We are watching to see how Deputy President William Ruto and Former prime minister Hon Raila Odinga would form a coalition come 2022 because many Kenyans are waiting to see how to happen.

You can follow his Facebook page and read more for yourself!


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