Dear ladies : Here are some things men find unattractive in women

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There are things that are done by some women which some men find unattractive. It is possible that some men may not find anything wrong with some of the things that will be highlighted here . However , a question was asked on Twitter on things men find unattractive in women:

The views expressed here are those of men who took part in responding to the above tweet . Whether you may be doing some of the things or not , it is up to you to decide whether you continue or not .

To start with , poor hygiene seems to be a turn off according to the responses that were given.One spoke about unshaved armpits as being unattractive. Some men also find a negative attitude as being unattractive. They prefer a lady who is more respectful .Bad communication is also found to be unattractive by some men .

Have a look at some of the tweets below:

Moving on with what some men find unattractive in ladies , someone in the tweets below mentioned that someone who was not smart headed was unattractive. The Watcher as he is known on Twitter added that women who feel entitled to receiving favours in form of cash were unattractive.

Have a look at more of the tweets below :

It can be noted that some men find gold teeth unattractive in accordance with some of the responses. Some men also find make up unattractive , according to the tweets shared .As for the personalities, the ones which include being loud , disrespect , and laziness turn some men off .

Have a look at the shared tweets :

Another thing that men find unattractive are those who love partying. Go through the tweets below for more interesting responses from some men:

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