Woman Painfully Narrates How She was Defiled by a Gang of Nine Men

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We can attest to the fact that being raped is one of the most distressing, horrendous and demeaning experiences and according to Winnfred Awino's, ordeal the experience is hard to forget.

It happened that one fateful day the 23 year old woman who comes from Utawala in Nairobi had gone to seek for a job so that she could fend for her family back home. While on her walks for the job hunting, she found herself standing before the gate of a great castle and she tried to knock hoping that the owner will recognize her presence and finally gift her a job. It is during this time that she was attacked by a gang of nine robust men who intoxicated her so that she lose her consciousness before they took her into a dense growth of bushes that was just nearby.

Mercilessly, the nine men coerced her into the act leaving bruises on her hips and after they were done, they inserted pieces of a broken bottle inside her privates. The men later dragged her besides a road before they disappeared into thin air. She was left lying unconsciously in a pool of blood and blood oozed from her privates due to the broken piece of bottle.

Luckily, upon regaining her consciousness, she found herself at Mama Lucy hospital where she had been dropped by a good Samaritan who found her besides the road. She was treated and finally discharged. Unfortunately when the victim's mother heard about her daughter's condition, she passed away after feeling it deep in her heart

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