Sleuths Reveal How Muvota Used To Deal With Victims After The Girls He Had Sent Were Arrested

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A criminal master mind Samuel Muvota who is accused of running a syndicate of spiking drinks in Nairobi has left many Kenyaans shocked after his real identity was exposed by detectives, in a series of posts via their Facebook page DCI revealed how Samuel used to pamper beautiful women and funding their lavish lives in rented apartments along Thika road,in his line of duty Muvota had made a fortune for himself with this business.

But two days ago his partner who has been identified as Kimani threatened his boss to share the loot or face dire consequences,that very day its alleged that Kimani approached Muvota while he was coming from a friends place sprayed him with bullets before he disappeared in thin air,additionally Muvota was accused of breaking many marriages with his hired daughter's of Jezebel who were terrorizing city dwellers.

Almost 12 women have been arrested in connection to the syndicate were connected while a handful of them have returned to their villages after the death of their boss,Kimani who is still at large is being sought by detectives to answer for his crimes.

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