In Shock See What People Were Doing At Chicken Licken When It Was Flooding In Germiston

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Ekurhuleni rescue services are on high alert for further flooding after rescuing 15 passengers from a cab that became submerged owing to heavy rain. On Thursday night, there were flash floods in Germiston, and emergency services discovered two automobiles stranded in a pool of water on a public road.

EMS personnel were able to save everyone in the car and taxi on time. William Ntladi, a spokesperson, explained: "The taxi passengers remained inside. Firefighters were able to save all of them. Even those who were standing on top of the vehicle were transported to safety, and no one was injured." Not to say that people do not take weather warnings seriously, or that they don't check the weather forecast on a regular basis. The problem is that, as much as we all pay attention to weather alerts and updates, people seldom prepare for a devastating event.

Abramjee posted a 25-second video of the Germiston Golden Walk Mall, which was flooded to the shins. The video travels across the mall, eventually arriving at a spot where consumers can be seen sitting on chairs and tables to avoid the crowds. Despite the fact that the bulk of the replies to the post were concerned and worried, a handful of South Africans made fun of the situation, since individuals in the video can be seen attempting to buy food at Chicken Licken. Below are some of the comments made about this situation on twitter replying abramjee's post.

When people heard the news of the weather forecasters this week, they had no idea that the strong storms would cause floods in Germiston and Alberton. So the predictions of massive volumes of tiny hail, severe rain, flooding, and destructive winds came true, and we witnessed it all on social media. The videos makes us wonder about the lunacy that has been causing the weather to deteriorate over the last few years. Whereas one of the benefits of living in South Africa has been the lack of natural catastrophes, this is steadily changing, leaving people concerned about future weather forecasts. Please let us know what you think about the Germiston flood in the comment section below, do not forget to like, share and follow.

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