Painful Incident As Captain Smart Views Reduce To 1500 Few Hours Ago


Recall the incident that occurred where Yaa Brefo took to Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN), to plead with their fans to share their live stream, for then to regain their views again. It seems like the table has turned as Captain Smart views has dropped below expectation.

According to the information gathered, Kofi Adoma Nwanwanii is currently leading with 1500 views in some few hours ago minutes. And at the same time, Captain Smart who was initially leading Angel TV, is seen below 1500, and this has gotten his fans in a state of dilemma.

However, the good thing there is that many people who felt that Captain Smart has left Angel TV with all their views, will see reason to believe that their thoughts was misguided.

Reacting to this, some fans of Captain Smart took to their respective Social media pages, to cry out over this sad Incident that has befallen their favorite TV host.

In their post, some fans said that:

"It is pertinent to note that Captain Smart is about losing the thousands of views he previously had. What could be the problem?" Joshua Said.

"We thought that Captain Smart has left with all the views from Angel TV. Seems like we were mistaken after all", Another Fan added.

Meanwhile, Some people are glad that everything has come back to normal with viewers enjoying the show, even without advertisement or pleas. Angel TV has regained their name again, as their viewers is likely to increase from today.

What is your opinion over this?