Good News To Azziad As She Gets International Recognition After Posting This Video Online.

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Kenyan tiktok queen is in celebratory mood after she got recognized internationally. Nasenya recorded a video of herself hyping to Zuchu's new song 'Nyumba Ndogo'. Zuchu is a Tanzanian musician who is popularly known for her song 'Sukari'. Azziad's video caught Zuchu's attention and she could not help but react to it. It was indeed a good news to the queen of tiktok as she got recognized by an artist from another country.

Azziad shot a minute video of Zuchu's song and shared it on her tiktok account. Zuchu took the initiative and reposted the same video on her social media platforms. Zuchu claimed that she is more honored after she realized that the queen of Tiktok took her time and made a video of her new song. She claimed that she now knows that 'Nyumba ndogo' is a good song after seeing Azziad hyping to it. Here is the full video.

Azziad responded to Zuchu's post on Instagram. She thanked her for recognition and added love emojis. The kenyan celebrity received a number of replies on her comment: Complimenting her of how flexible her body is. Social media users urged her to continue with her good work as it is pure talent.

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