Kenyan celebrities who went completely broke


Comedian Kinuthia Maina aka Omosh recently asked for help for the second time after Kenyans just raised money for him. Though he later apologized for his actions, he received severe criticism from angry Kenyans, including former teammates in Citizen's comedy Tahidi High. TELEVISION. "I never thought Kenyans would be so angry; I thought they would see Omosh as a prankster. But they take him very seriously because they're really involved, they fight for it, they do.

fight again for my future So Kenyans, please tell me you forgive, and I just have to repeat, I'm your brother, so forgive me, I'm so sorry sorry. You will never hear that from me again, but what you will hear is my entertainment, \u201dOmosh said. For the first time, Kenyans have generously offered high school actor Tahidi and he is the proud owner of a nearly completed house. The Big Hero revealed he was making around 18,000 Sh18,000 per episode at Tahidi High School, but around the time he started getting kicked out of his house for not paying his rent.

Njoro reveals that he is unemployed, depressed and considering suicide. Njoroge revealed to the Nairobian that he had attempted suicide three times. He begged everyone for a job, shortly after sharing the good news with fans via his Instagram that he had gotten a new job. Njoro seems to have succeeded and is currently co-hosting the Chamaa Show on KTN.

The lover who has captivated many women has been a candidate for the Tusker Project Fame, a coveted reality TV show. David began a brilliant music career after TPF and became a production and sound engineer for various companies. However, disturbing photos of him appeared last November, seemingly ignored. David was rescued from the streets by his friend, Alvan Gatitu, also a reality show host; and was taken to the hospital and rehab. In March this year, Alvan admitted Ogolla to hospital after recurring seizures, adding that he needed specialized care and monitoring.